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This weeks Graphic Novel charts

Saga: V. 3$12.28Brian K. VaughanPaperback
Attack on Titan: Volume 12$9.89Hajime IsayamaPaperback
The Complete Maus$20.92Art SpiegelmanPaperback
Sex Criminals: volume 1$9.14Chip ZdarskyPaperback
Saga: Volume 1$8.93Brian K. VaughanPaperback
Vinland Saga: Vol. 3$16.64Makoto YukimuraHardback
Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Novelization$15.91Jim HensonHardback
Batman: The Killing Joke$15.00Brian BollandHardback
Saga: Volume 2$11.75Fiona StaplesPaperback
No Matter How I Look at it, it's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular: v. 3$10.78Nico TanigawaPaperback
Attack on Titan: Vol. 2$8.11Hajime IsayamaPaperback
Crimson Spell: Yaoi Manga 3$10.37Ayano YamanePaperback
Tim Burton Playing Cards$4.75Tim BurtonCards
Attack on Titan: Vol. 3$8.26Hajime IsayamaPaperback
Pretty Deadly: Volume 1$11.13Kelly Sue DeconnickPaperback
The Walking Dead: All out War v. 20, Pt. 1$11.15Robert KirkmanPaperback
Daredevil: Volume 5$12.11Mark WaidPaperback
The Hedge Knight Jet City Edition$11.91Mike S. MillerPaperback
Batman: City of Owls (the New 52) Volume 2$12.81Greg CapulloPaperback
Hawkeye: Little Hits (Marvel Now) Volume 2$11.91Matt FractionPaperback