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This weeks Graphic Novel charts

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness Author: Kabi Nagata Format: Paperback£7.85
Tokyo Ghoul: 13 Author: Sui Ishida Format: Paperback£8.65
Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World: (Light Novel) Vol. 4 Author: Tappei Nagatsuki Format: Book£9.95
Spice and Wolf: (Light Novel) Vol. 18 Author: Keito Koume Format: Book£7.86
SAGA: Volume 7 Author: Fiona Staples Format: Paperback£8.55
Blame! 4: 4 Author: Tsutomu Nihei Format: Paperback£19.79
Big Mushy Happy Lump Author: Sarah Andersen Format: Paperback£6.21
My Hero Academia: Vol. 8 Author: Kohei Horikoshi Format: Paperback£5.56
Adulthood is a Myth Author: Sarah Andersen Format: Paperback£8.68
Tokyo Ghoul: Vol. 12 Author: Sui Ishida Format: Paperback£9.11
My Hero Academia Author: Kohei Horikoshi Format: Paperback£4.97
My Hero Academia: 6 Author: Kohei Horikoshi Format: Paperback£5.84
My Hero Academia: Vol. 7 Author: Kohei Horikoshi Format: Paperback£6.99
My Hero Academia, Vol. 1 Author: Kouhei Horikoshi Format: Paperback£5.65
Saga: Book 2 Author: Fiona Staples Format: Hardback£28.55
My Hero Academia: 3 Author: Kohei Horikoshi Format: Paperback£7.87
My Hero Academia: 4 Author: Kohei Horikoshi Format: Paperback£6.85
DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal Author: DanTDM Format: Hardback£10.07
A Silent Voice: Volume 3 Author: Yoshitoki Oima Format: Paperback£7.47
Your Name.: (Light Novel) Author: Makoto Shinkai Format: Book£

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