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This weeks Graphic Novel charts

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Vol. 2 Author: Fujino Omori Format: Paperback$10.25
Log Horizon (Novel): The Beginning of Another World Vol. 1 Author: Mamare Touno Format: Paperback$11.70
Saga: Volume 4 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$12.33
The Devil is a Part-Timer (Novel): Vol. 1 Author: Satoshi Wagahara Format: Paperback$10.25
Spice and Wolf: Novel Vol. 14 Author: Isuna Hasekura Format: Paperback$9.71
Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Vol. 1 Author: Fujino Omori Format: Paperback$10.15
Saga: Volume 2 Author: Fiona Staples Format: Paperback$12.33
The World's Greatest First Love - Yaoi Manga: 1 Author: Shungiku Nakamura Format: Paperback$11.07
One Piece 74: 74 Author: Eiichiro Oda Format: Paperback$9.17
Akame Ga Kill!: Vol. 2 Author: Takahiro Format: Paperback$11.62
Attack on Titan: Volume 15 Author: Hajime Isayama Format: Paperback$8.27
Daredevil: Man without Fear Author: John Romita Format: Paperback$17.88
Saga: V. 3 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$10.72
Saga: Volume 1 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$8.99
Civil War Author: Mark Millar Format: Paperback$18.87
Assassination Classroom 3: 3 Author: Yusei Matsui Format: Paperback$9.17
MPH Author: Duncan Fegredo Format: Paperback$11.68
Magi: 11 Author: Shinobu Ohtaka Format: Paperback$9.17
Tim Burton Playing Cards Author: Tim Burton Format: Cards$4.98
Sword Art Online Progressive: (Novel) Vol. 1 Author: Reki Kawahara Format: Paperback$11.04

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