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This weeks Graphic Novel charts

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1:1: Vol. 1 Author: Horihiko Araki Format: Hardback$16.81
Sex Criminals: Two Worlds, One Cop Volume 2 Author: Matt Fraction Format: Paperback$12.33
The Fade Out: Volume 1 Author: Sean Phillips Format: Paperback$9.17
Saga: Volume 4 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$12.42
Saga: Volume 1 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$9.30
Chew: Chicken Tenders Volume 9 Author: Rob Guillory Format: Paperback$12.33
Saga: V. 3 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$10.98
Ms. Marvel: No Normal Volume 1 Author: Adrian Alphona Format: Paperback$12.95
The Complete Maus Author: Art Spiegelman Format: Paperback$20.92
A Certain Magical Index: Novel Vol. 2 Author: Kazuma Kamachi Format: Paperback$11.70
The Wicked + the Divine: Volume 1 Author: Jamie McKelvie Format: Paperback$9.64
Saga: Volume 2 Author: Fiona Staples Format: Paperback$12.33
Trees: Volume 1 Author: Jason Howard Format: Paperback$12.33
Nisekoi: 8 Author: Naoshi Komi Format: Paperback$8.04
Attack on Titan: the Beginning Box Set Author: Hajime Isayama Format: Paperback$31.60
Finder: Desire in the Viewfinder (Yaoi Manga) Volume 7 Author: Ayano Yamane Format: Paperback$11.67
Naruto: 69 Author: Masashi Kishimoto Format: Paperback$8.22
Batman: The Killing Joke Author: Brian Bolland Format: Hardback$13.70
Monster Musume: v.6 Author: Okayado Format: Paperback$9.91
Assassination Classroom: 2 Author: Yusei Matsui Format: Paperback$8.64

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