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This weeks Graphic Novel charts

Saga: Volume 5 Author: Fiona Staples Format: Paperback$10.80
Doctor Who: Official Annual 2016 Author: Paul Lang Format: Hardback$11.68
The Walking Dead Compendium: Volume 3 Author: Charlie Adlard Format: Paperback$45.66
The Sandman: Overture Author: Neil Gaiman Format: Hardback$19.55
Username: Evie Author: Joe Sugg Format: Hardback$20.13
Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales Author: Justin Richards Format: Hardback$16.71
The Complete Maus Author: Art Spiegelman Format: Paperback$20.93
Saga: Volume 1 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$8.71
The Walking Dead Compendium: v. 1 Author: Robert Kirkman Format: Paperback$49.73
Tokyo Ghoul: 1 Author: Sui Ishida Format: Paperback$8.78
One-Punch Man: 3 Author: One Format: Paperback$7.66
Batman: The Killing Joke Author: Alan Moore Format: Hardback$13.42
Jessica Jones: Alias Volume 1 Author: Michael Gaydos Format: Paperback$17.00
Saga: V. 3 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$10.92
Amazing Fantastic Incredible Author: Stan Lee Format: Hardback$22.30
Vader's Little Princess Author: Jeffrey Brown Format: Hardback$9.70
Tokyo Ghoul: 3 Author: Sui Ishida Format: Paperback$8.66
Saga: Volume 4 Author: Brian K. Vaughan Format: Paperback$10.42
Tokyo Ghoul 2: 2 Author: Sui Ishida Format: Paperback$11.05
Saga: Volume 2 Author: Fiona Staples Format: Paperback$10.61

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