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The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower - 9781444723502

Author: Stephen King / ISBN13: 9789123505982 / Paperback

Dark Tower Wizard and Glass Stephen King Collection 3 Books Bundle Gift Wrapped Slipcase Specially For You.Books including in this are : The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass,The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower: 7,The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla. Description :The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass In the fourth powerful novel in Stephen King's bestselling fantasy quest, The Dark Tower beckons Roland, the Last Gunslinger, and the four companions he has gathered along the road. The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower: 7 The final volume sees gunslinger Roland on a roller-coaster mix of exhilarating triumph and aching loss in his unrelenting quest to reach the dark tower.Roland's band of pilgrims remains united, though scattered. Susannah-Mia has been carried off to New York to give birth, Terrified of what may happen, Jake, Father Callahan and Oy follow.The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla In the fifth novel in King's bestselling epic fantasy series, the farming community in the fertile lands of the East has been warned the wolves are coming back. Four gunslingers, led by Roland of Gilead, are also coming their way. And the farmers of the Calla want to enlist some hard calibers. Please note these are normal standard books supplied by publishers which are then gift wraped in a generic slipcase specially for you to create your very own special gift box set ideal for Christmas, Birthday and any other special occasion.

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