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Beverly - 9781770462250

Author: Nick Drnaso / ISBN13: 9781770462250 / Paperback

Nick Drnaso's comics mercilessly reveal the sterile sameness of the suburbs. Connected by a series of gossipy teens, the modern lost souls of Beverly struggle with sexual anxieties that are just barely repressed and social insecurities that undermine every word they speak. A group of teenagers pick up trash on the side of the highway-flirting, preening, and ignoring a potentially violent loner in their midst. A college student brings her sort-of boyfriend to a disastrous house party with her high school acquaintances. A young woman experiences a traumatic incident at the pizza shop where she works and the fallout reveals the racial tensions simmering below the surface. Again and again, the civilized facade of Drnaso's pitch-perfect surburban sprawl and pasty Midwestern protagonists cracks in the face of violence and quiet brutality. Drnaso's bleak social satire in Beverly reveals a brilliant command of the social milieu of twenty-first century existence, echoing the black comic work of Todd Solondz, Sam Lipsyte, and Daniel Clowes. Precisely and hauntingly recounted, each chapter of Beverly reveals something new-and yet familiar-about the world in which we live.

Graphic Novels by Nick Drnaso

Sabrina Author: Nick Drnaso Format: Hardback£15.35
Beverly Author: Nick Drnaso Format: Paperback£11.94
Sabrina Author: Nick Drnaso Format: Hardback£22.77
Sabrina Author: Nick Drnaso Format: Hardback£27.02

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