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Sabrina - 9781770463165

Author: Nick Drnaso / ISBN13: 9781770463165 / Hardback

When Sabrina disappears, an airman in the U.S. Air Force is drawn into a web of suppositions, wild theories, and outright lies. The follow-up to Nick Drnaso's LA Times Book Prize-winning Beverly, Sabrina depicts a modern world devoid of personal interaction and responsibility, where relationships are stripped of intimacy through glowing computer screens. An indictment of our modern state, Drnaso contemplates the dangers of a fake news climate.

Graphic Novels by Nick Drnaso

Sabrina Author: Nick Drnaso Format: Hardback£15.35
Beverly Author: Nick Drnaso Format: Paperback£11.94
Sabrina Author: Nick Drnaso Format: Hardback£22.77
Sabrina Author: Nick Drnaso Format: Hardback£27.02

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