Gardner Fox graphic novels

Batman Chronicles: Vol 01 Author: Bill Finger Format: Paperback$14.65
Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Author: Gardner Fox Format: Paperback$17.50
Showcase Presents Justice League of America Author: Gardner Fox Format: Paperback$14.34
The Green Lantern: Omnibus Vol. 1 Author: John Broome Format: Hardback$52.25
Showcase Presents: Strange Adventures Volume 2 Author: John Broome Format: Paperback$16.19
The Flash: A Celebration of 75 Years Author: Carmine Infantino Format: Paperback$29.04
Batman: The Strange Deaths of Batman Author: Gardner Fox Format: Paperback$15.18
Showcase Presents Hawkman: Volume 2 Author: Gardner Fox Format: Paperback$14.71
The EC Archives: Weird Fantasy Volume 1 Author: Al Feldstein Format: Hardback$36.39
Essential Doctor Strange: Vol. 4 Author: Don McGregor Format: Paperback$22.14
Showcase Presents: Batman Vol 02 Author: Carmine Infantino Format: Paperback$19.56
Batman Author: Bob Kane Format: Hardback$38.41
Showcase Presents Green Lantern: Volume 2 Author: Murphy Anderson Format: Paperback$14.45
Showcase Presents the Atom: Volume 2 Author: Gardner F. Fox Format: Paperback$14.80
Showcase Presents Justice League of America: Volume 3 Author: Gardner F. Fox Format: Paperback$16.78
Tales of the Batman: Carmine Infantino Author: Gardner Fox Format: Hardback$36.27
Green Lantern: Chronicles Vol. 4 Author: John Broome Format: Paperback$11.61
DC Library: Flash of Two Worlds Author: Gardner Fox Format: Hardback$39.98
Vampire Tales: Vol. 1 Author: Roy Thomas Format: Paperback$16.28
Showcase Presents the Flash: Volume 4 Author: Frank Robbins Format: Book$15.84
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