Fun Home Author: Alison Bechdel Format: Paperback£8.56
The Hobbit: Graphic Novel Author: J. R. R. Tolkien Format: Paperback£11.13
Sex Criminals: volume 1 Author: Chip Zdarsky Format: Paperback£6.70
The New Ghost Author: Rob Hunter Format: Paperback£4.68
Momo Author: Michael Ende Format: Paperback£5.10
Blue is the Warmest Color Author: Julie Maroh Format: Paperback£11.00
Persepolis Author: Marjane Satrapi Format: Paperback£8.29
Goodnight Punpun: Vol. 1 Author: Inio Asano Format: Paperback£13.36
Asterios Polyp Author: David Mazzucchelli Format: Hardback£18.89
Brandon Sanderson's White Sand: Volume 1 Author: Rik Hoskin Format: Hardback£15.06
The Wicked + the Divine: Volume 4 Author: Kieron Gillen Format: Paperback£8.95
Pyongyang Author: Guy Delisle Format: Paperback£8.39
Story of O Author: Pauline Reage Format: Paperback£6.12
Romeo and Juliet Author: William Shakespeare Format: Paperback£3.13
Logicomix Author: Apostolos Doxiadis Format: Paperback£15.18
Yotsuba&!: Vol. 13 Author: Kiyohiko Azuma Format: Paperback£7.16
Maus: My Father Bleeds History v. 1 Author: Art Spiegelman Format: Paperback£9.13
Scott Pilgrim Color: Precious Little Life Volume 1 Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley Format: Hardback£13.58
Mooncop Author: Tom Gauld Format: Hardback£14.08
Goodnight Punpun: Volume 2 Author: Inio Asano Format: Paperback£13.80
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