Peter David graphic novels

Lucky Peach: Issue 10 Author: Chris Ying Format: Paperback$10.17
Fables: The Dark Ages Volume 12 Author: Peter Gross Format: Paperback$13.96
Dark Tower: Long Road Home Author: Robin Furth Format: Hardback$8.54
Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill Author: Robin Furth Format: Hardback$18.22
Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead Author: Peter David Format: Hardback$17.95
Dark Tower: Treachery Author: Robin Furth Format: Hardback$18.75
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born Author: Robin Furth Format: Hardback$21.09
World War Hulk Author: Greg Pak Format: Paperback$19.96
All-New X-Factor: Not Brand X Volume 1 Author: Peter David Format: Paperback$13.85
Lucky Peach Issue 12 Author: David Chang Format: Paperback$10.40
Dark Tower: Gunslinger the Journey Begins Author: Stephen King Format: Hardback$18.19
All-New X-Factor: Change of Decay Volume 2 Author: Peter David Format: Paperback$14.21
All You Can Eat Author: Chris Ying Format: Paperback$10.17
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: Battle of Tull Author: Peter David Format: Hardback$18.24
Lucky Peach Issue 13 Author: David Chang Format: Paperback$11.25
Dark Tower: Gunslinger: the Way Station Author: Peter David Format: Hardback$18.16
Batman: The Resurrection of Ras Al Ghul Author: Paul Dini Format: Paperback$14.96
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Ghosts of the Past Author: Stan Lee Format: Paperback$24.58
X-Factor: Complete Collection Volume 1 Author: Peter David Format: Paperback$25.35
Halo: Helljumper Author: Peter David Format: Hardback$16.76
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