Dc New 52 Graphic Novel Series

Batman: The Court of Owls Volume 1 Author: Greg Capullo Format: Paperback£10.24
Batman: Death of the Family Volume 3 Author: Greg Capullo Format: Paperback£10.27
Batman: Zero Year - Secret City Volume 4 Author: Greg Capullo Format: Paperback£9.14
Batman: Zero Year - Dark City Volume 5 Author: Greg Capullo Format: Paperback£10.51
Animal Man: Splinter Species (the New 52) Volume 4 Author: Steve Pugh Format: Paperback£8.47
Supergirl: Sanctuary(the New 52) Volume 3 Author: Mahmud A. Asrar Format: Paperback£10.26
Batgirl: The Darkest Reflection ( the New 52 ) Vol. 01 Author: Ardian Syaf Format: Hardback£12.70
The DC New 52 Villains Omnibus Author: Various Format: Hardback£83.18
Batgirl: Death of the Family (the New 52) Volume 3 Author: Ed Benes Format: Hardback£14.15
DC Comics: The New 52 Zero: Zero Author: Various Format: Hardback£93.04
DC Comics: Zero Year: Zero Year Author: Greg Capullo Format: Paperback£14.83
DC Comics Zero Year Author: Greg Capullo Format: Hardback£20.28
DC Comics: The New 52 Author: Various Format: Hardback£
Birds of Prey: A Clash of Daggers Volume 3 Author: Romano Molenaar Format: Paperback£10.00
DC Comics: Five Years Later Omnibus Author: Ivan Reis Format: Hardback£54.34
DC Comics - The New 52 Author: Geoff Johns Format: Hardback£
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