Fables Graphic Novel Series

Fables: Legends in Exile Volume 1$9.89Bill WillinghamPaperback
Fables: Animal Farm Volume 2$10.53Steve LeialohaPaperback
Fables: Storybook Love Volume 3$13.85Linda MedleyPaperback
Fables: Volume 1$23.63Craig HamiltonHardback
Fables: Camelot Volume 20$14.64Bill WillinghamPaperback
Fables: March of Wooden Soldiers Volume 4$13.74Mark BuckinghamPaperback
Fables: Volume 19$13.22Bill WillinghamPaperback
Fables: The Mean Seasons Volume 5$13.95Mark BuckinghamPaperback
Fables: Homelands Volume 6$13.70Mark BuckinghamPaperback
Fables: Sons of Empire Volume 9$14.32Bill WillinghamPaperback
Fables: Volume 2$23.32Bill WillinghamHardback
Fables: Wolves Volume 8$14.32Mark BuckinghamPaperback
Fables: Arabian Nights and Days Volume 7$12.41Mark BuckinghamPaperback
Fables: War and Pieces Volume 11$13.85Niko HenrichonPaperback
Fables: The Good Prince Volume 10$13.85Bill WillinghamPaperback
Fables: The Dark Ages Volume 12$13.95Peter GrossPaperback
Fables: Inherit the Wind Vol 17$11.89Bill WillinghamPaperback
Fables Vol. 16: Super Group$11.84Bill WillinghamPaperback
Fables: Cubs in Toyland Volume 18$13.69Bill WillinghamPaperback
Fables: Witches Volume 14$13.85Bill WillinghamPaperback
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