True Stories

The Complete MAUS Author: Art Spiegelman Format: Paperback£14.80
Guts Author: Raina Telgemeier Format: Hardback£6.26
The Magic of Reality Author: Richard Dawkins Format: Paperback£4.80
Fun Home Author: Alison Bechdel Format: Paperback£9.31
The Complete Persepolis Author: Marjane Satrapi Format: Paperback£13.74
Fun Home Author: Alison Bechdel Format: Paperback£13.68
Making Comics Author: Scott McCloud Format: Paperback£12.77
The Magic of Reality Author: Richard Dawkins Format: Hardback£32.58
Hyperbole and a Half Author: Allie Brosh Format: Paperback£11.74
The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry Author: Larry Gonick Format: Paperback£9.51
Palestine Author: Joe Sacco Format: Paperback£16.06
Neurocomic Author: Matteo Farinella Format: Hardback£12.48
Tokyo on Foot Author: Florent Chavouet Format: Paperback£12.94
Am I There Yet? Author: Mari Andrew Format: Hardback£15.78
Are You My Mother? Author: Alison Bechdel Format: Paperback£9.82
Trauma is Really Strange Author: Steve Haines Format: Paperback£7.84
The Prince Author: Niccolo Machiavelli Format: Paperback£6.47
Writing for Comics: v. 1 Author: Alan Moore Format: Paperback£4.28
What to Do When I'm Gone Author: Suzy Hopkins Format: Hardback£12.63
Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant? Author: Roz Chast Format: Hardback£17.11

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